Prepare your landscape for a freeze

Killing freeze will occur Saturday night through Thursday. Bring in all potted plants – covering will not save at temperatures below 28. Cover budded shrubs and trees, water heavily to saturate the soil to the point of solid ice, this insulates the soil and roots at 32 degrees. Form ice canopies if you need too. Use old fashioned non-led Christmas lights on palms and other non-freeze hardy plants and cover with plastic or freeze cloth. Remember pottery will crack on defrost, so bring your pots into a location above 35 degrees. It’s gonna be a doozy🥶  Most important water everything to the point of saturation. Dry soil causes latent freeze damage. So trees will leaf out but bark will split about 6 weeks after leaf out and the tree eventually dies, same with shrubs. This has not happened since the 80s. All faucets and backflows must be protected.